Block negative influences

Block negative influences. If someone or something makes you less motivated to achieve your personal development goals, you should eliminate such negative influence at once. Maybe you have friends who don’t believe in you or you constantly look at your past and see no real accomplishments. Things as such can easily make you lose your motivation so you cannot afford to focus on them. You should understand that the more you concentrate on things that demotivate you, the quicker you will lose your motivation. So if you have friends who don’t believe in you, don’t be with them. If you have not achieved anything significant before, stop looking at your past.
Only you know what you are capable of, don’t let anyone get you down. Completely ignore everyone that has something negative to say about your goals and desires. You can only achieve something significant when you quit looking at negative things and keep your whole focus on your goals. Goals motivate you and encourage you to keep going whereas negative environment and negative friends discourage you.


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